FILMTEC is an engineering firm with offices in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin that specialises on the technical planning of events. For decades people have been able to convince themselves of our abilities during events worldwide.

A Look Back

As Filmt+Technik AV GmbH we started out producing product films. In 1964 making product films was fairly rare among engineers. To show films you had to have a closed, dark room, which led to a restricted number on viewers.
Development in technology changed that for and with us. We used our opportunity and developed our own media control system. With that and the newest video technology, our clients were able to present the films on an open stages. We were now able to realise these innovative and new event concepts at exhibitions and conventions for our major clients in the automotive industry, as well as for our clients of the chemistry, electrical and data technology.


As lovers of all technology it just was not enough to simply produce a great film, we also wanted its presentation to be perfect. This passion slowly made our technical planning of event engineering to our main task. It surely does not mean we ever unlearned to make great product films.
Still our main duties are to create technical plans of event engineering, including everything from realising to directing. Next to that we compose light and room concepts that correspond with our other planning. Our goal is to achieve a consistent overall appearance. That way our clients can rely on us to 100% in everything that concerns event engineering.
It has been a great honour for us over the past years to have been able to provide our services at press conferences, exhibitions, conventions and world premieres around the globe. To provide and even better service we decided to open up a second office in 2012. Finding the perfect location was not hard. Berlin just convinced with its creativity and vibe.